Egg and Tomato Breakfast Recipe


You will need a frypan (though you can do this in a saucepan too) with a lid
Tomatos (any kind) though I prefer large beef or vine tomatoes - enough to cover the bottom of your frypan
Salt and pepper 
Fresh basil or dried herbs - an Italian mix works well
Coconut oil


  • Slice the tomatoes into thick (about a 1cm wide) slices - if using cherry tomatoes just halve them
  • Heat a generous mix of butter and coconut oil in a frypan on a medium heat 
  • Cover the base of your frypan with the tomatoes and season them the herbs and with salt and pepper to taste
  • Once the tomatoes have softened (usually 4-5 mins)  flip them to start cooking the other side
  • After a minute or so, crack as many eggs as you wish over the tomatoes and place the lid on the frypan
  • The eggs will poach in the combination of juices from the tomatoes and stream. 
  • Cook until the eggs are poached the way you like them. Usually about 3 minutes for runny yolks.

Fresh basil cooked with the tomatoes and placed as a garnish just before the eggs are finished cooking is delicious

Hope you enjoy my favourite breakfast dish

The easiest and tastiest egg breakfast ever

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